Warriors Without Borders has a network of hundreds of volunteers who are at various stages of mobilizing for Ukraine…most are former American military, some are civilians with significant time operating in war zones.  We call these brave individuals our Frontline Volunteers.  Some have applied to the International Legion and are waiting to be vetted, others are preparing to deploy, some are already in Ukraine, some are in Poland assisting humanitarian organizations or journalists, and others have spent time in Ukraine and have returned to the U.S.  From time to time– with due attention to their safety and with their permission– we will feature them and their stories on our “Frontline Reports” blog and the Warriors Without Borders social media accounts.


Our Frontline Volunteers rely on the generous donation of time and effort by a group of Stateside Volunteers who are currently providing IT, website, finance, legal, and nonprofit administration support.  However, we are in urgent need of more volunteers, particularly 1) “watch-standers” to monitor the channels of our virtual Operations Center in 4-hour shifts, 2) veterans to conduct screening, 3) database administrators to organize Volunteer files, 4) social media/community engagement leaders, and 5) blog content developers.  Please contact us at the Volunteer page if you are able and willing to assist!